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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bring on the MONSTERS!!!

I heard you gasp!!!  That's right...I scrapbook too!!  Not very often, but I do.  Like most of you I have TONS of supplies and paper (it's a sickness) but very little time to actually sit down and scrapbook.  So I've decided to give Digital Scrapbooking a try.  I can do this laying in bed beside hubby while he watches all his Science and Discovery Channel stuff.  I think I kind of like it.  Not as much fun as actually playing with the paper and other elements, but at least memories are being recorded.  I've resisted digital scrapbooking for so many reasons.  But life is all about choices, and I've had to decided what I want verses how much time I have.  This gets the job done and I don't have to feel guilty that I haven't "scrapbooked" that special birthday, event, etc.   If you know me in real life then you know that it can take 8+ hours for me to do (1) little scrapbook page.  So with the Digital Scrapbooking I've basically, decided to spend MORE time making the memories and LESS time recording them.  So what do you think of this layout?

(Journaling Reads: This was our family's 1st Monster Truck show and thus began Nathan's love of big loud trucks.  He was in complete awe as he watched each race and thrilled over how high they could jump.  Before the night was over he knew the names of the trucks and had his favorite...Gravedigger!  I was nervous that the noise would be too much for Brooke since she was only 10 months old, but she LOVED it!!  She cheered and clapped all night long.)

I signed up with Heritage Makers where they have page templates or you can design your own. (Of course I would only be interested in the hardest possible way...making my own. LOL)   Once you're finished, you just click a button and they print and ship your new scrapbook to you.   Hey, if this works out I might be purging some supplies.  Sounds like a lot of BLOG CANDY coming soon!!  :)

So a quick heads up to all of you....you might be seeing more of my scrapbook layouts here too.  :)

See you Sunday with a new card!!

This is my real note, but if you'd like to make one for yourself I found it HERE.

Thanks for Stopping by today!!


Kerri said...

Awesome layout, Wendy! I really want to go digital too, but need to figure it all out. One day...

cindy said...

Fabulous LO:)

Kate said...

That's amazing, Wendy!! I love those tread marks across the page too! I spend hours doing a layout and have often considered giving digital scrapbooking a hand. I'm torn!! I really enjoyed reading your post though, and will watch what you come up with. Maybe I will try my hand with digital creations one day!

Stacy said...

What a fun layout! Great job!

Nan said...

Fun post - great scrapbook pages. I like your 'Just get 'er done' attitude! I look forward to seeing more pages.

Emma said...

Wow such fabulous pages... fantastic pics.
Hugs Emma x